Employment statistics, job forecasts, wages, demographics, and other labor market information
help public and private organizations, researchers, and others better understand today’s
complex workforce. The Business Intelligence Department (BID) collects, analyzes, and
disseminates this data in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of
Labor Statistics (BLS).

The data helps monitor and forecast national, statewide, and local economic trends, helping
employers and job seekers make career, education, and economic development decisions.
Better understanding employment trends and statistical trends help promote stable
employment and economic growth.

SC Nonfarm Employment Monthly Unemployment Rate

FlameFind out which occupations offer promising opportunities in various areas of the state in the Hot Jobs and
Higher Wage Jobs with Good Opportunities Not Requiring a Bachelor's or Advanced Degree reports.

Community ProfileCommunity Profile Report
A comprehensive report with economic, demographic, industry, occupation and education statistics for counties, metropolitan and workforce areas.
Need help understanding the data in the Community Profiles Report? Check out our desk reference!

InsightsInsights - monthly report from the SC Department of Employment & Workforce with employment and unemployment analysis and review of unemployment insurance claims data for the state, counties and workforce areas. (Insights Archive-Past 12 Months)

HWOL Supply DemandHelp Wanted Online (HWOL) - Labor Supply vs Demand by Local Workforce Region Report is real time labor market information consisting of job ads advertised on the internet and various job boards.  These are indicator of labor market demand and can be continuously updated.  The methodology uses internet scraping and the data series is Help Wanted OnLine (HWOL) developed by The Conference Board. (HWOL Archive)

 EOSouth Carolina Economic Outlook - monthly report from the SC Department of Commerce with key economic indicators for the state and regions.


Quarterly Workforce Indicators(QWI)
Includes data NAICS-based or SIC-based Quarterly Workforce Indicators by state, geographic grouping, industry, year and quarter, gender, age group, and ownership.

Business Employment Dynamics(BED)
Business Employment Dynamics data are quarterly series of gross job gains and gross job losses statistics for the entire economy. These data track changes in employment at the establishment level, and thus provide a picture of the dynamics underlying aggregate net employment growth statistics.
Job Openings & Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS)
Job Openings & Labor Turnover Survey collects monthly series data from sampled establishments, including employment, job openings, hires, quits, layoffs and discharges, and other types of separations.

SC 2015 Economic Analysis Report
SC 2015 Economic Analysis Report - This publication provides an examination of the state’s economy and workforce.

LWIA Reports
Local Workforce Investment Area (LWIA) Reports - These reports present a comprehensive view of the status of each local workforce investment area (LWIA) workforce and economy. The reports include an analysis of each LWIA’s workforce, industries, economic climate, and factors that will affect all three. Forecasts are also included for the workforce, industries, and the economy.

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